Is it over?

Here we are again, probably a game away until offseason comes along thanks to the Golden State Warriors.

Can the Cavaliers pull off another 2016 miracle? Everybody seems to be writing this series off as over but it’s not yet over. Do you bet against Lebron?

We’ll just have to find out when Game 4 comes around.

Nhat V. Meyer / Bay Area News Group

It’s a little depressing to think that our favorite game boils down to a final game. Come to think that it’s a Game 4 sweep scenario rather than a scintillating build up to a winner-take-all Game 7.

Are we just praying to the basketball gods for the Cavs to win so we can have an additional day of basketball? Or do we just want the Cavs’ pain to end?

What do the Cavaliers need to do to win?

We could break it all down and say they need to play Kyle Korver more or give Rodney Hood more minutes and maybe, bench JR Smith.

They can do all these and Kyle Korver and Jeff Green can explode for 20 points each but what can you do against a team with offensive weapons such as Klay Thompson, Steph Curry, and Kevin Durant?

Stopping all of them at the same time might need some sort of divine intervention from the basketball gods. Yes, it’s that difficult.

This series has shown that you can stop one or two of them but the remaining guy can still explode and push them over the edge. We saw that with Kevin Durant in Game 3 and Steph Curry in Game 2.

Is the season over? We’ll just have to pray to the basketball gods to give us one more.


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