The Sixer Conundrum

The season’s not yet over folks, yet here we are talking about off-court stuff.

So, what’s the big deal about the Sixers today?

We have a Woj Bomb:

Bryan Colangelo has decided to part ways with the Philadelphia 76ers.

What started all this?

This is obviously more PR nightmare rather than a management problem, don’t get me wrong, Bryan Colangelo took this whole “Trust the Process” over the edge.

So what’s this all about?

It started with a tweet, okay maybe more than a single tweet. You know how things in Twitter go, right? They don’t go well most of the time.

What we know is that there are five accounts – all burner ones.

What did those accounts tweet? This is where it gets extra juicy, way more than TMZ.

You know how burner Twitter accounts are, right? They’re basically no-holds-barred content about the organization. From Joel Embiid attitude and injury management to Nerlens Noel’s locker room conduct.

There were also tweets that criticized Sam Hinkie, Colangelo’s predecessor.

Remember the noise regarding Markelle Fultz and his injury and rehab? Well the accounts clearly had something to say about that.

There are also confidential bombs that didn’t even need to see the light of day, yet they did. The power of burner accounts.

Why is this a big deal?

Well there’s this guy who’s really good at basketball and he’s turning 12 this summer.

In other words, LeBron’s a free agent this summer. So is Paul George. And the Sixers might want to sign them both. Well, they should want to sign them both. What team in their right mind doesn’t. Plus they have the cap space to sign a max free agent.

They could be the pieces that could put this young and talented team over the top.

Finally, after all that noise Colangelo has stepped down. PR nightmare over. Well, not yet.

Philly is now left without a GM with Brett Brown taking on the role in the interim. We all know that a Coach+GM role doesn’t work out quite well so the Sixers might be in a rush to hire one.

Why do they need to hire a new GM? The draft is coming up in a couple of weeks and you know what happens on draft night – trades.

Parting ways with your GM seems to be a quick-fix. No wonder a lot in the organization was reluctant to let go of Colangelo.

But in the long term with the looming free agency not dealing with this nightmare still keeps the Sixers on the top of the minds of upcoming free agents like LeBron James and Paul George.

If you’re the Sixers what would you do?


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