The DC non-invitation

I’m not an NBA historian but certainly we’ve heard of sports teams visiting the White House after they win the crown.

We’ve also heard of famous invitation snubs like Tom Brady and Michael Jordan. But, we’ve never heard of the president not inviting the Champions at all.

This is definitely something new.

How did the visits start?

The tradition dates to at least President Andrew Johnson inviting the Brooklyn Atlantics and Washington Nationals. That was August 30, 1865 and that was a long time ago.

For NBA teams it started when the Boston Celtics visited John F. Kennedy in January 1963.

So this has been going on for over 50 years yet again, we haven’t heard of a president not inviting the champions.

Really, I don’t know what to say but with the Warriors winning their 3rd championship in four years I’m sure they can take a pass this year.

What do you think?


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