Kyrie’s New York state of mind

Here’s what you don’t hear everyday; Kyrie Irving and New York.

Let’s set the table here shall we:

Kyrie Irving, Boston Celtic, traded from the Cavs last year and a free agent in 2019.

Boston Celtics, Eastern Conference finalist and pushed a LeBron-led Cavs to seven games without their two best players.

Yes, you heard that right, without their two best players.

Somehow the rumor-mill has started to churn and there has been chatter that Kyrie is interested in signing with the Knicks in 2019.

We don’t know if Kyrie actually said that or speculation by the Celtics management to give them a reason to trade Kyrie before he can walk away and sign a new contract next summer.

What are we looking at here?

Danny Ainge, Celtic GM, smart and a little shrewed. Remember, he’s the guy that basically traded their aging championship roster – yes, you, Paul Pierce.

Hey it worked in the long run.

So why can this looming Kyrie trade rumors be true?

If we look at the Celtics roster in the point guard spot then we can see that it makes some sense. Terry Rozier and Marcus Smart carried their banged up team to the Eastern Conference Finals and pushed LeBron James to seven games.

Also, we can look at their young and promising talents the likes of Jalen Brown and Jason Tatum. Add in Gordon Hayward in the mix and you have lethal lineup for next season.

Let’s not forget their MVP, Brad Stevens who’s system is so good that even solid rotation players can shine.

Is the table set for a Kyrie trade? If so, with whom and what is the best trade package for a player like Kyrie?

Knowing Danny Ainge, he won’t allow Kyrie to simply walk away next summer to sign with the Knicks.


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