Is it always sunny in Phoenix?

Are you mad? Who talks about Phoenix?

First of all I’m not talking about Phoenix the city but, Phoenix the NBA team. No one really talks about them, no one writes about them. Except of course, when Devin Booker scores 60.

As far as I can remember the player I associate with the Suns is Charles Barkley and Steve Nash and that’s it. For me, that’s how bad they are and that awful play has earned them a spot here and of course, the NBA Draft.

In case you’re wondering the draft is in about two weeks and the Phoenix Suns are picking first.

Looking at it, they’re in a good spot, really good spot.

The pick

Look, they’re getting a great player for their pick this year whether they go big with DeAndre Ayton or go cerebral with Luka Doncic. Their situation was never so sunny with their roster of young players which include Booker and Josh Jackson.

Looking at their draft options, best case scenario they get to pick twice. They could really afford to get both players.

They can go the big man route with Ayton as their frontcourt needs a bit of an upgrade from Alex Len. Yes, I did not forget about Tyson Chandler but there’s a great chance that he’s waking away this summer.

Their backcourt situation?

It probably looks similar to their frontcourt one and Doncic seems to be a very capable point guard. He’s young and so well-developed that Europe has not seen a player like him, ever.

After trading Eric Bledsoe early in the season and Elfrid Payton looking to sign elsewhere, the Suns are in need of a reliable point guard to make plays for Booker and Jackson.

Adding another piece to this young and promising team is going to make them the Sixers of the West trusting the process.

Will they trust the process? Either way, no matter who they pick it’s someone that they need badly.

We know that it’s always sunny in Philadelphia and they built their team through the draft, we’ll know if the same holds true in sunny Phoenix when the season starts in the fall.


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