LeBron James commits to LA?

Yes, you’re not dreaming, so you can stop pinching yourself Lakers fans.

Although I’d like to point out that I purposefully did not include Jr. there – clickbait alert!

But this is 100% true according to Gary Payton. Hard disclaimer though to take this with a grain of salt as none of the parties have confirmed or denied this.

So, what’s the score?

LeBron “Bronny” James Jr. has decided to take his talents west to Sierra Canyon High School in LA.

What are the implications of this decision? For one, looking at all of LBJSr’s options the only way he signs with the Cavs is when his family pleads him to.

This alleged move however, by Junior, should scare a lot of Cavs fans. It’s highly likely that Sr. is leaving and taking his talents west, with his son.

As for Jr. he’s in great company. Sierra Canyon High School is a basketball powerhouse and guess who’s also playing there; Scottie Pippen Jr. and Kenyon Martin Jr.

He’s definitely in good company and if this is true, one thing’s for sure a LeBron James is certainly playing in LA and only time will tell if we see both.


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