Supermax, Kawhi not?

If you thought that one of the biggest decisions that we’re awaiting in July is LeBron’s, then you’re not wrong. However, there’s one more decision thst could change the NBA landscape for years to come – Paul George – well, not exactly.

Kawhi Leonard.

Kawhi Leonard
Photo by Getty Image

No one’s really talking a lot about Kawhi, it’s all about James and George – no, not the kings, the NBA superstars.

So, what’s on Kawhi’s table this summer. The digits – two, one, nine – 219 million is on the table. The Spurs’ supermax.

But with all the reports coming out where it seems like he no longer wants to ve a Spur. I repeat, he’s not interested in signing that $219M offer.

Asking for a trade

He’s doing a Kyrie. Asking for a trade.

He does have legitimate concerns, like how the Spurs medical staff mistreated his injury and recovery.

And boy, does this throw a monkey wrench into the teams summer free agency plans.

Is the damage to the relationship between Kawhi and management irreparable? Possibly.

But if you know one guy that can fix it all up it’s Gregg Popovich. The way he turned LaMarcus Aldridge around last summer was masterful.

I don’t know how he does that but if there’s one man to make sure that when the season starts in the fall and Kawhi remains a Spur, it’s Pop.

For now, it seems Kawhi isn’t bothered that he’s leaving millions on the table by requesting a trade. But for sure, the Spurs will want similar value to his skill level and talent or they’ll find a way to keep him in the silver and black.


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