Who’s going to blink first?

The draft is over and we all know what that means, free agency is around the corner.

For the 2018 edition we’re looking at three persons, well parties actually, you’ll see in a bit.

Party #1 – LeBron James. We all know that it’s going to be this year. The Decision II. Is LeBron going West or is he staying in Cleveland.

It seems that the possible choices has been narrowed down to two. I might be wrong here he could still sign with Philly or Houston but those are unlikely scenarios.

Party #2 – Paul George. What we know so far. He just opted-out of his contract for the Thunder but he could very well end up there.

What’s making noise however is that he’s going to be joining LeBron with the Lakers.

Party #3 – Kawhi Leonard. Not really Kawhi, but the Spurs.

We all know about the friction between Kawhi and the Spurs and reports have recently surfaced that he prefers to be traded to the Lakers.

See where we’re getting at here? It seems like the 2018 edition of free agency revolves around the Los Angeles Lakers.

So what needs to happen first?

Kawhi being dealt to the Lakers? The Spurs however, are very reluctant to trade Kawhi to a Western Conference team, especially the Lakers.

Will LeBron announce before the 4th of July or are we looking at the same time frame with his previous free agency announcements?

Is Paul George looking to solidify his relationship with Russel Westbrook or sign with his hometown Lakers?

The table is set we’re just waiting for the first domino to fall, the first to blink and we’ll have some semblance of order for this year’s free agency.


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