What the basketball just happened?

We all thought this free agency will go according to plan. Well some of it did, but most of it was something out of the ordinary that not even Holywood writers can think of. What we were expecting We we’re pretty much expecting a Laker superteam to challenge Golden State’s supremacy in the Western Conference. […]

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Who’s going to blink first?

The draft is over and we all know what that means, free agency is around the corner. For the 2018 edition we’re looking at three persons, well parties actually, you’ll see in a bit. Party #1 – LeBron James. We all know that it’s going to be this year. The Decision II. Is LeBron going […]

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Supermax, Kawhi not?

If you thought that one of the biggest decisions that we’re awaiting in July is LeBron’s, then you’re not wrong. However, there’s one more decision thst could change the NBA landscape for years to come – Paul George – well, not exactly. Kawhi Leonard. No one’s really talking a lot about Kawhi, it’s all about […]

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LeBron James commits to LA?

Yes, you’re not dreaming, so you can stop pinching yourself Lakers fans. Although I’d like to point out that I purposefully did not include Jr. there – clickbait alert! But this is 100% true according to Gary Payton. Hard disclaimer though to take this with a grain of salt as none of the parties have […]

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Is it always sunny in Phoenix?

Are you mad? Who talks about Phoenix? First of all I’m not talking about Phoenix the city but, Phoenix the NBA team. No one really talks about them, no one writes about them. Except of course, when Devin Booker scores 60. As far as I can remember the player I associate with the Suns is […]

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Kyrie’s New York state of mind

Here’s what you don’t hear everyday; Kyrie Irving and New York. Let’s set the table here shall we: Kyrie Irving, Boston Celtic, traded from the Cavs last year and a free agent in 2019. Boston Celtics, Eastern Conference finalist and pushed a LeBron-led Cavs to seven games without their two best players. Yes, you heard […]

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2K ratings or TV ratings

If there’s one thing that annoy pro basketball athletes it’s their NBA 2K ratings. Give any one of them a bad rating like a 70 dunk rating and they’ll be a over Twitter in a heartbeat. It’s just one of those things you don’t mess with. So, to the developers of NBA 2K, feel free […]

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